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Mya Kerner: These Whispers, These Tellings

September 18, 2021 - December 21, 2021

In this lightly geometric landscape, the bare trunks of trees stand sparse against a cream-grey sky, beyond a sharp-edged pile of boulders that dominate the foreground.

In These Whispers, These Tellings, Seattle painter and sculptor Mya Kerner pries into the ancestral knowledge of nature through a series of pensive, bittersweet landscapes. Her paintings are filled with barren trees, scattered boulders, and large pastel swaths of color that allow the viewer to fill in seemingly absent components. Kerner emphasizes the quiet, mystical power of ecology, highlighting these totemic symbols that remain standing after destruction. The exhibit suggests a way forward from grief and loss through the literal paths she paints, into the whispering, resilient landscapes that surround us.

“What has burned and what remains. What is left standing. And how does it stand. These have been my guiding questions. I don’t claim to know — I just continue the journey through. I’ve been told that is what my work sometimes feels like.” — Mya Kerner

The show is coupled with a sound installation featuring translated poems from Kerner’s grandmother, whose hundredth birthday would have coincided with the exhibit. There is both an emphasis on the clarity that nature can bring us through its lulling, profound sounds, and its ability to connect and root us to our ancestors.


Wheelchair accessible, Service Animals allowed
Women-owned, Women artist(s), LGBTQIA+ artist(s)
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A painting of a landscape depicts a pathway or stream blocked by a pile of rocks. Scattered trees on hills hold bits of green. In the distance, a mountain sits against a solid pink sky.
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Gallery, Visual Art, Sound Art
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