MK Guth: Touching Matter

Elizabeth Leach Gallery is pleased to present Touching Matter by MK Guth, an exhibition of new and recent works that highlight the artist’s interest in social rituals and the creation of circumstances that focus one’s attention. Guth’s multidisciplinary practice includes video, photography, sculpture, performance, and interactive exchange-based projects.

This series of works feature objects with implied performativity and the personal reflections that result from participatory engagement. A table is located at the center of the exhibit, and on the table are five artist-designed books titled 5,000 Pages on Love. Individual visitors are encouraged to sit and write answers to questions included inside the books, transforming the gallery into an intimate space for contemplation. Additional works include wall installations of the artist’s menus, handmade books of instructions for communal meals as well as related ink drawings that collectively reiterate the ways that objects possess memory and meaning.