manuel arturo abreu: Salomon

The birds (priests of dust) called it: a lover is a phone with wings, not a cord. When the line goes dead, the knowing look loses the shape of each eye. There was a final dove that was not allowed to cross the rain. The illusion of you is subtle: your tiny mother held you by a string as you gulped light, spitting it back out Nauman-style but each drop became a fish. When Vardaman said My mother is a fish you know he was talking about you, when you cried during assembly and said “my mother is dead” after a harmless yo mama joke. The spirit of your ancestor who lost her parents very young had stepped in.

Veronica presents Salomon, a solo exhibition by Portland-based Dominican artist manuel arturo abreu which explores the slippage between theophany (god manifestations), automatism, and genealogy.


Raised in the Bronx, manuel arturo abreu is a Dominican non-disciplinary artist working with what is at hand in a process of magical thinking, with attention to ritual aspects of aesthetics. They have lived and worked in Portland, OR since 2009. With Victoria Anne Reis, they co-founded and co-run home school, a free pop-up art school in Portland in its sixth year of genre-nonconforming edutainment curriculum.


Opening: Saturday October 9, 2-5pm
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Gallery hours: October 9 – November 20, 2021, Saturdays 2-5pm
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