Julie Green: Fashion Plate

We are proud to introduce twenty-one new plates made after Julie Green’s award-winning presentation at The Armory Show, New York, in March of 2020. Beginning in 18th century France, fashion plate prints introduced buyers to current fashion trends. Engravings collaged with silk or velvet depicted women in the latest styles.  Green’s Fashion Plate extends this tradition to encompass contemporary fashion, gender, and identity, intertwined with the artist’s personal narratives. The series is painted in acrylic on gessoed, archivally-sealed Chinet-brand paper plates, a lively counterpoint to the The Last Supper series, for which Green is best known. The plates nod to china painting traditions, including imagery from Green’s collection of flow blue ceramics. Green’s personal, historical and political narratives have moved from their earlier location at the plate margins, to front and center. Industrial glow-in-the-dark paint augments the daylight composition with a hidden painting-within-a-painting. The verso of each plate bears a facsimile of a fingerprint as backstamp, Green’s unique version of the “maker’s mark” traditionally found on ceramics.