Julia Oldham: The Birth of the Hyperforest

Truckenbrod Gallery in Corvallis, OR presents a video installation by Eugene-based artist Julia Oldham. The Birth of the Hyperforest is a video installation about trees that are evolving to transcend the three-dimensional world in order to escape human destruction. Combining footage of clear cuts in the Coburg Hills with hand drawn and digital animation, Oldham takes us on a drive through a forest peppered with trees behaving strangely. In the video, the trees of the Hyperforest grow and regress, break down into geometric abstractions, and disappear into black holes. Meanwhile, a crackling radio transmission warns viewers of the potential danger of approaching “dendrotopes,” a term Oldham invented to describe trees that have evolved to exist in higher dimensions and pass through our world on occasion. Music by Erin Oldham.

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