It’s About Time: Films & Videos by Julie Perini

Eugene Contemporary Art is thrilled to announce our new artist film and video screening series: time/space. The program will consist of selections from an open call to regional artists working in the medium of moving image, alongside films and videos of art historical importance that will be thematically curated by Portland-based filmmaker, videographer and documentarian Julie Perini.

The program will be presented in four public screenings throughout 2022 at our art space ANTI-AESTHETIC in downtown Eugene, Oregon, starting with an introduction to Julie Perini’s own work on April 8th, 2022, titled It’s About Time: Films & Videos by Julie Perini. The screening will begin at 7pm and include a variety of films by Perini along with introductory remarks and a Q&A with the artist in person.

Julie Perini’s work is informed by a range of theories, art forms, and experiences, from liberation movements to rock & roll to trauma therapy and more. She engages a range of nonfiction and experimental forms in the creation of her work, always with a focus on time: What is time? How can we bend it, shape it, transform it, collapse and expand it? And more than anything, how can we be more fully present in it?

Video and film are important aspects of contemporary art today and have a unique role in investigating our relationship to ever-present moving images in our culture. Through this artist film and video screening series, ECA seeks to make connections between historical and contemporary moving-image practices while offering regional artists opportunities to present their work to the public in a formalized setting. By showing a mix of canonical experimental moving image work alongside work received from the open call, we hope to present a continuity between the pioneers of the medium and artists working today, and highlight the importance of the medium to contemporary art as a whole.

It’s About Time: Films & Videos by Julie Perini will take place at 7pm on Friday April 8th, 2022, at ANTI-AESTHETIC, 245 W 8th Ave, Eugene, OR. The venue is on the ground floor with an ADA accessible bathroom. Tickets for the screening are available at the door for a suggested donation of $5–$15.

This program is supported by the Oregon Cultural Trust.