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In Search of Lost Time: Viola Frey, Fay Jones, and Akio Takamori

December 10, 2020 - February 27, 2021

A dreamlike illustration on paper. A blue sky with wispy white and peach clouds creates the background. A mask-like face floats on the left half of the upper edge, looking down. There is a curved row of eight sparrows flying across the sky. A full moon hangs on the right half of the upper edge. The bottom has three light grey mounds. One mound has a cartoonish face with a black bowler hat. The second mound has the face of a large cat. The third and smallest mound has a lifesaver/buoy. Between the two larger mounds, a crying person holding a tissue to their eye floats in a cloud.

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition titled “In Search of Lost Time” focusing on three artists, Viola Frey, Fay Jones, and Akio Takamori. Inspired by the Proust novel, the pandemic and our last exhibition at our Pioneer Square address, this show draws connections with the nature of time, the transportive quality of memory, and the immense pleasure in the details of looking at objects. The exhibition demonstrates how artists engage with their personal histories to present a reflection of humanity in their work. Each artist chosen often draws on their lived experience for the basis of the objects they create. Proust’s novel “In Search of Lost time” emphasizes the link between reading and self-knowledge. He believed that with each reading of a book, a different meaning emerged. This can be said to be true when looking at art. Seeing things again often will lead to new interpretations. The exhibition is organized into three chapters, Akio Takamori’s drawings and sculpture will be on view in first room when you enter the gallery, Viola Frey’s works on paper and ceramic sculpture will be displayed in the middle space and Fay Jones in our back gallery.




BIPOC artist(s), Women artist(s)
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Gallery, Visual Art
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