Ido Radon: SOCIETY


Ido Radon: SOCIETY

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Veronica presents SOCIETY, an exhibition by Ido Radon. Accompanying the exhibition is a zine also titled SOCIETY. The zine is produced for the exhibition by Radon and includes texts by Eleanor Ford, Sarv Iraji, Molly Erika Radon Kimball, Tim McCall, Kitt Peacock, Julia Trojanowski, Laurie White, and Ozan Yildiz. The zine is designed by Oskar Radon.


“We live in a society.” 

So George protests. So the meme goes, and goes, twisting through the Joker’s asociality, folding back in on itself like a Klein bottle, and finally dissolving/dissipating into everything and nothing. As a meme will. 

          “Everything happens so much. Because we live in a society.” @theokardasis

In 1987, Margaret Thatcher infamously asserted there was no such thing.

20 years earlier, Guy DeBord’s prescient diagnostic Society of the Spectacle was published. In 1974, DeBord made his first feature-length film, a black and white adaptation of the book.

Society. From the Latin societas, from the noun socius: comrade, friend, ally. 

In the mass of beings in social relation, relations overdetermined by the real abstractions of capitalism, the people-to-come may already be here, failing but trying nonetheless to see things as they are and to live accordingly, which is to say trying to prototype, via the destituent gesture, new forms of life.

– Ido Radon


Event Dates

April 8, 2023 to May 20, 2023
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