Hugo Montoya: Florida Man

Et al. is pleased to present Florida Man, a solo exhibition by Hugo Montoya.

With discernment and a keen interest in discarded objects, Hugo Montoya develops new compositions that evoke humor and deal with deep social concern by employing a sharp, lyrical sensibility. Montoya’s approach is inherently minimalist though visually the artworks often layer pattern, texture, movement, mark-making, and materials. The resulting sculptures lay somewhere between simple and complex, elegant and crude—spurring questions and conjuring unforeseen, yet harmonious, associations.

The exhibition title references both an internet joke as well as the artist’s home state. In this way, the exhibition presents a type of autobiographical subtext through materials that are arrived at by happenstance, where relationship and sequence become paramount. Therein lies much of the magic of Florida Man, and Montoya’s practice in general,—his deciphering of history, place, image and meaning with such a sensitivity to the medium.

Hugo Montoya (b. 1975, Gainsville, Florida) lives and works between Catskills, New York and Mexico City. Recent solo exhibitions include Liberal Arts Roxbury (Roxbury, NY), Tiro al Blanco (Guadalajara), Gondola Wish/Lulu (online), Rinomina (Paris), Big Pictures LA (Los Angeles), Emerson Dorsch (Miami) Guccivuitton (Miami), David Castillo Gallery (Miami). Select group exhibitions include Tile Blush (Miami) Goodweather Gallery / Parque for Condo CDMX (Mexico City), and Orgy Park (Queens, NY).