Playground Gallery (PGG) is pleased to announce our upcoming show Home, an exhibition that expresses the artist’s definition of what home can mean, whether it is comfort, vulnerability, or the physical space that reflects your innermost desires.
This exhibition not only contains a large amount of great artworks, live music, a panel discussion, artist talks, and workshops, PGG also works with other local communities to present pop-up events during the show to build the community memory and achieve a larger idea of HOME.
A booklet that records the thoughts of the exhibition participants (featured artists, audience, and PGG team) will be the final celebration for this HOME party! The book will be presented in the future PGG exhibitions at the reception desk. Copies will be offered to the sponsors and supportive community organizations. The book will act as a permanent record that showcases artists and their works along with the critical thinking about the idea of home.

Artist talks, penal conversation, workshops, poem readings, and live music will be hosted on 7/09, 7/10,7/16, and 7/17.

Opening reception begins 3pm on 7/09, closing party is 5pm on 7/17.

In 2021, a group of PNCA artists came together to form a Playground Gallery(PGG) that focuses on artist inclusion and community outreach, creating a multifaceted space that tailors to the unique needs of emerging artists and art community members. PGG exhibitions are a collaboration between established artists, emerging artists, and art students. We strive to build a creative community that inspires both artists and viewers. A combination of studio workshops, live demonstrations, artist talks, and music create a playground where all individuals are free to learn, get inspired, collaborate, and play.