Home Movies: Personal Narrative in Artists’ Films

Eugene Contemporary Art presents the third screening in our artist film and video screening series Time/Space, titled Home Movies: Personal Narrative in Artists’ Film & Video, curated by Portland-based filmmaker, videographer and documentarian Julie Perini.

The films in Home Movies invite viewers into the private worlds of the artists: domestic spaces, homelands, families, and interior lives. These artists take control of their own representations, often rejecting limited mainstream portrayals of their identities in favor of crafting more nuanced and authentic portraits of who they are and how they experience the world. The full range of human emotion pulses through these films, each artist transforming individual experiences into sensitive works of art. All films are by Pacific Northwest artists except Home Movies Gaza by Basma Alsharif, an artist born to Palestinian parents who has lived in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Video and film are important aspects of contemporary art today and have a unique role in investigating our relationship to ever-present moving images in our culture. Through this artist film and video screening series, ECA seeks to make connections between historical and contemporary moving-image practices while offering regional artists opportunities to present their work to the public in a formalized setting. By showing a mix of canonical experimental moving image work alongside work received from the open call, we hope to present a continuity between the pioneers of the medium and artists working today, and highlight the importance of film and video to contemporary art as a whole.

This program is supported by the Oregon Cultural Trust.

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