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here was always spent there

September 2, 2021 - October 2, 2021

The word "here" is fixed to the bottom left of a photograph, the words "was always spent," something marked out, and then "there" are fixed to the bottom right. The photo itself depicts a piece of clothing hanging on a wooden bar.

here was always spent there gathers the work of five transdisciplinary artists and architects as they reflect on spatial and embodied experiences of homesickness. Encompassing ideas of longing and belonging, proximity and domesticity, madness, repulsion, the familial and the familiar, each work is a multi-sensory symptom of a universal desire.

Moments include:

an est self-dredging;

an after-image of domesticity;

a photographic exploration of nearness;

an elemental embrace;

a remnant of shoulder widths;

As these installations, photographs, and mixed-media works evolve over the course of the month, the gallery becomes a different place than it began. I will be homesick for right now, soon


Jocelyn Beausire is a performance artist, musician, and spatial researcher based in Seattle, WA. Her work functions as temporal architecture, constructing and activating an emotional, multi-sensory ecology to reveal relations between herself (as youthful, vulnerable, fertile, feminine), the audience, and the environment. Jocelyn has presented her work with Base Experimental Arts + Space, On The Boards, Table and Chairs, Yellowfish Festival VI, La Wayaka Current Residency, and ChaNorth Residency, among others. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Architecture at Princeton University.

Sofie Kjørum Austlid (b.1991, Norway) is an artist based in New York City working primarily in the medium of photography. She received a BA in Fine Art Photography from Valand Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has exhibited at King’s Leap in New York, KÖSK in Oslo, Galleri Thomassen in Gothenburg, among others. Starting in the genre of documentary photography her work crosses over to a fictive world through the narrative of storytelling. This is brought to the viewer through text accompanying the photographs or storytelling by the artist herself. Layered in her work are questions and comments pointing towards how we identify ourselves with those around us and our society based on our socioeconomic background.

Taehyung Kim (b.1988 Seoul) is a Korean-Canadian architectural designer and artist based in Seattle, WA. His practice is informed by various research mediums that investigate spatial experience and narratives of space through the lens of framing, embodiment, duration, and domesticity. Taehyung earned M.Arch and Honors B.Arch at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in Canada and recently presented his research at the Dennis Tate Civita Fellowship Residency and Cornish College Incubator Residency. He is currently a designer at Graham Baba Architects.

Kyle Griesmeyer is a Seattle based artist and architect. His work explores ways of flattening internal melancholia through the playful arrangement of form. Raw and processed materials (and items borrowed from other people’s apartments) are often distilled through temporary bedroom installations, occasionally documented prior to their ultimate disassembly.

Sasha Leon is an architect and artist based in Seattle, WA. Her work is concerned with the mundane and is often ephemeral in form, utilizing the dust-like materials that fill everyday spaces all around us, yet go unnoticed–hair, pollen, insect limbs, cigarette butts, dirt, lint. Her installations and performances are exercises in vital superstition.




BIPOC artist(s), Women artist(s)
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112 3rd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104 United States
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