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Here And Now

September 25, 2021 - October 10, 2021

The words "Here and Now" in large print, as well as show information, featured artists and PlayGround Team, superimposed in white against a wall of peeling paint.

Playground Gallery proudly presents Here and Now which features artworks that reflect life in this very moment. The two years of pandemic brought our society a transformation. With all the current events unfolding throughout the world we are striving to find the connection between art and modern times.

The Here and Now exhibition will open on September 25, 2021 and conclude on October 10, 2021. The exhibition features a diversity of sculpture, painting, drawing, ceramics, media projection and more. Our featured artists are all practicing within the Pacific Northwest. Some of our artists have obtained successful careers in their fields and some are art students and emerging artists. This has created a beautiful blend of different backgrounds, making everyone be able to offer some sort of insight to help one another. While the works demonstrate a diversity in materials and execution, they maintain a cohesive demonstration of critical thinking and reaction to the current changes.

Artists Perry Chandler focus on brain trauma study. He says, “the tropes used in his paintings tell a story of feeling unfocused and separate from reality.” His use of color and the levels of noise are tied to his emotional states. Lauren Sinner examines how shame is cast upon people. Artist Crimson Ravarra goes on a long path to learn about grief. She says, “I hope to evoke the universal longing we have to feel human intimacy. I see these acts of fulfilment most notably in moments of grief.”

Art is an important channel at this very moment to help guide us and connect us. Together, 30 local artists seal a moment of reflection, in hope that we can strengthen our delicate mental/physical selves, be present, to feel, to understand, and arrive at a moment of conclusion that offload some of the darkness and pick up again the belief that we can make a change, then depart from there with a smile.
Art Show: Here and Now
On Show: 9/25,26, 10/02,03,09,10 11am -5pm Location: 140 NW 4th Portland OR
Curator: Limei Lai
Featured artists:
V Maldonado, MK Guth, Dylan Beck, Carl Diehl, Rachel Milstein, Rachel Rodriguez, Sarie Bettineski, Marty Trammell, Crimson Ravarra, Limei Lai, Taylor Evans, Sydney Kattine, Eli West, Shezuet Harger Miller, Subarna Talukder Bose, Julianna Paradisi, Lauren Sinner, Nathan Cooper, Justin Tuttle, Warren Simon, Autumn Cornell, Perry Chandler, Kevin Smith, Ahuva S. Zaslavsky, Tyler Young, Lynn Stephens Massey, and Yasmin Correa
Event Calendar:
12 pm – Live Music – Mazey Moon
2 pm – Featured artist introduction – All Featured Artists 3pm – Artist Talk – MK Guth
3:30 pm – Artist Talk:V Maldonado,
4 pm – Artist Talk – Dylan Beck
2pm – Embroider Workshop
2:30 pm – Artist Talk – Lauren Sinner
3:30pm – Live Music: Marnie Martini
4 pm – Artist Talk – Perry Chandler 4pm

——————————————————————————————————————————- 2 pm – Poem Reading – Wendy
2:30 pm – Live Music – Tristan Trotter and Ben Cosloy Portrait drawing: Ariel Hargrove 3:30pm
4 pm – Artist talk: Eli West
2 pm – Poem reading – Sam Spieller
2:30 – Ceramic workshop – James and Marty 3 pm – Artist talk: Julianna
4 pm – Live music: Cortez Ravarra
2:30 pm – Artist Talk – Tyler Young
3 pm – Group portrait drawing – Taylor Evens 3:30 pm – Live painting: Taylor Evens
2:30 pm – Artist talk: Warren Simon
3:30 pm – Live Music – Cortez Ravarra
About Playground Gallery Organization:
Playground Gallery is a community pop-up gallery that focuses primarily on showcasing emerging artists’ and art students’ works. Playground Gallery offers artists’ and students an opportunity to gain professional experience through mentorship and training workshops. Free workshops are provided to assist artists with statement writing, bio writing, scholarship writing and other community opportunities. The pop-up concept allows Playground Gallery to interact within the community and allows for emerging artists to gain insight and experience. This

——————————————————————————————————————————- gallery serves as a playground for artists and viewers, it provides a space to foster and inspire
artistic growth and challenge.
Instagram: @playgroundgallery
Gallery Email: info@playgroundgallery.org Website: https://playgroundgallery.org
Playground Gallery team:
Curator: Limei Lai
Curator assistant: Taylor Evans, Warren Simon Designer: Perry Chandler, Nathan Cooper Photographer: Crimson Ravarra
Treasurer: Marty Trammell
Content manager: Kenna Alent
Creative Consultant: Wendy Noonan


140 NW 4th Ave
140 NW 4th Ave
Portland, OR United States
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