Taravat Talepasand, Terry Powers


Helen’s Costume, Portland OR August, 27th -October 1st

There’s no rush. They have aftercare.

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Press Release
Helen’s Costume is pleased to present Aftercare: New painting by Taravat Talepasand and Terry Powers. For Helen’s previous exhibitions HC curator and director Steve Brown has paired artists from dierent states/countries to channel a fresh current of art through Portland. Usually artists who have never met. For this exhibition the social seeps into this sanctuary for the plastic arts. Talepasnd and Powers have known each other for years and have exhibited together before. Aftercare is the rst time they have each made work with the intention of it interacting with each other, going so far as to create collaborative canvases.

This is Taravat’s rst series of new paintings made since her 2022 exhibition Take Care was canceled due to a break-in vandalism party where work was destroyed. She continues her erce commitment to the Woman Life Freedom زن زندگی آزادی movement with a series of new sticker paintings that reference album covers and a banned Iranian feminist magazine. The stickers are comfort shields, bandaids even, honoring a personal yet relatable self.

Terry Powers’ observational paintings pull the viewer away from their screen to a meditative state, an awareness of light and air. Like Talepasnd he loses himself in the tradition of painting and channels the eternal. These paintings were started at his home in Utah and driven to Oregon to be nished in dialogue with Talepasand.

The stickers are real, The light is real. Everything is painting. Petra Poenberger, 2023

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