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For the Seventh Generation

October 1, 2020 - December 20, 2020

A landscape painting of the Oregon cost in acrylic on wood. The woodgrain shows through the paint, which depicts a lively coastal scene. Turquoise and cobalt waves crash on a golden sand shore, evergreens speckle mountains in the distance, and a large gathering of cumulonimbus clouds float above the horizon, with rays of light shining down.

The one mile pano-mural of the California, Oregon, & Washington Coasts
A Fundraiser Sponsored by Surfrider Oregon ​and The Elisabeth Jones Art Center


A Visual State of the Ocean Address
Perhaps each of us has a favorite spot along the coast. Looking out over it, we may find ourselves asking, will it survive? For this reason, 1,320 artists are joining to create For the Seventh Generation, a free-standing, two-foot by mile-long painting dedicated to ocean protection. When the panomural is complete, every mile of the California, Oregon, and Washington coastline will be represented by an artist who has created a four-foot section of the total mural – conceptually a continuous landscape, a panorama of the western coastline.

Why Seven Generations
The ocean will always be under siege by humans. Problems today will be compounded by the unknown problems of the future. There will always be problems that must be addressed – and short term commitment will not suffice.
The ocean is continually under threat. Pollution, coastal development, and over fishing all tax the health of its finite system. Without our strong environmental conscience and a voice to express it, threats to the ocean will be left unchallenged and its health subject to the whim and manipulations of politics and industry. This project, extending through the twenty-first century, provides such a voice.

Why We Do It
We are artists inspired by living things and the landscape, and we want to express this inspiration in an effort that is both collective and individual. Each artist’s creation is one voice in a chorus of ocean paintings. Each painting argues the ocean’s value. The mural is a positive painting of our coastline that lets us speak to people across the nation about the beauty we experience, wish to preserve, and want to use in a rational manner.

Project Overview
How it works – each person chooses a mile, to revisit and paint each year, joining a system of self-sustaining coastal watchers. To be renewed annually, this process work gives the artist the opportunity to intellectually and emotionally connect with the land and to take the role of both sentinel and chronicler of a specific ocean location.


  • To create each year a two foot by one-mile, free-standing painting, a panorama that includes images from each mile of the California, Oregon and Washington coastline.
  • To create a system of ocean observers, so any untoward action on the ocean or its accompanying landscape will not go unnoticed.
  • To create a financially self-sustaining foundation for artists.
  • To generate money to create formats that foster critical discussion, as well as provide grants for appropriate groups and individuals.


BIPOC artist(s), Women-owned, Women artist(s)
Event Type
Gallery, Visual Art
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The Elisabeth Jones Art Center
​516 NW 14th AVE
Portland, OR 97209 United States
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