Ethan Stuart: Making A Space

pt. 2 Gallery is pleased to present Making a Space, a solo exhibition of new work by the Frenchtown, New Jersey-based painter Ethan Stuart. Stuart’s paintings detail a simultaneous narrative and emotional reaction to the narrative. Many of Stuart’s paintings depict frogs and tools, representative of different elements of the artist’s persona. Through this imagery, Stuart seeks to understand his past, present, and future – encountering nostalgia, time, and beauty along the way.

Stuart’s paintings are defined by a delicate surface, matte colors portray multiple objects, figures, and horizon points on a flattened picture plane. Paintings of inanimate objects such as tools, clocks, keys, and scissors, or living creatures such as frogs present dazzling perspective shifts in which the subject and background meld into the same plane. The lack of realistic space portrays the complexity of the artist’s narrative, oftentimes Stuart’s paintings use both image and palette to portray not just a memory or moment in time, but an emotional response to such time.