Entanglement at Night at Paragon Gallery is a window exclusive night time exhibition. A collection of video works from artists maximiliano, Jaleesa Johnston and Sarah Brahim working with gestures of embodiment within and through digital and physical landscapes. These works form dialogues between performances within a nature of physical space, through a nature of the body and extension into video space.


Jaleesa Johnston is an interdisciplinary artist currently living and working in the Pacific Northwest. She holds a BA from Vassar College and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her work explores the black female body as both subject and material through performance, video, photography, sculpture and collage. She has been the recipient of the AICAD Post-Graduate Teaching Fellowship, Centrum’s Emerging Artist Residency and Open Signal’s New Media Fellowship. Jaleesa has exhibited her work in cities along the west coast, including San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, and she currently facilitates workshops and classes in new media and performance art.

Jaleesa Johnston, Tether, 2018-2021, 4’00”

mononymously named, maximiliano, is a conceptual artist working in blkWVV, a generative multimedia mythos; A Black reclamation rococo aesthetic and agenda based in exploring and expanding the multiplicity and fluidity of the Black self through pleasure, desirability, innocence, and imagination as performance, video, GIF, sculpture, thought, and publications.

maximiliano, blvk GVLVLHVD : RE_CVT, 2019 / 2021, blvk GVLVHVD mythos, ongoing, 9’.21”

Sarah Brahim is a performance and visual artist from Saudi Arabia. She grew up studying, choreographing, performing, and teaching all styles of dance going on to train at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance and in 2016 she graduated from London Contemporary Dance School with a BFA (Hons). Her work includes video installation, sound, film, photography, textiles, performance, and dance. She has participated in residencies and exhibitions through out the United States, Europe, and Arab world. Her work is rooted in experiences of the body such as identity, loss, borders, and immigration.

Sarah Brahim, Metamorphosis , 3’.04”, 2021

Paragon Arts Center
May 14 – June 15 2021
Artist Talk June 12
Hours – Fri-Mon / 8pm-7am
815 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217

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