Drum Listens to Heart

Drum Listens to Heart
An exhibition in three parts

Part I: September 1  October 15, 2022
Part II: November 9  December 17, 2022
Part III: January 17  March 4, 2023

Drum Listens to Heart weaves different forms of percussion together  physical and sociopolitical, literal and metaphorical  and juxtaposes instances of impact and vibration with forms of control, emancipation, and communitybuilding. It offers a framework and a vocabulary that binds art and politics to each other in percussive ways.

As a physical exhibition, Drum Listens to Heart takes on an unusual but relevant form: it is divided into three successive and separate parts that come together to form the exhibition as a whole.

These three sections form the exhibition’s polyrhythm, its pattern of beats and breaks, its moments of intensity and moments of rest  its music. Visitors only ever encounter a fragment of the exhibition as its layers build up gradually, over time. Like a heartbeat, the exhibition stays alive by always staying in motion.

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