Danielle Dimston: Lightness of Being

Municipal Bonds is pleased to present “Danielle Dimston: Lightness of Being,” a solo exhibition of select works on paper from 2008-2020. Dimston creates watercolors and drawings notable for a minimalist palette, linear composition, and transcendent field. Her work radiates emotional honesty through purity of the line—accessed by repetition, gradation, and undulation.

The fluidity of Dimston’s drawings, and the luminosity of her watercolors, shift perceptual awareness from structural to ethereal. Whether by arch, spiral, or triangle, the lines touch to connect, construct, mend. Some organically structured, others geometrically built—all are inclusively joined to the hand, the process, and the medium. With a meditative sense of space, unburdened by time or representation, Dimston’s abstractions emit lightness—at ease, an invitation to safe harbor met by psychological freedom.

Dimston offers, “This work continues my exploration of light as a compositional element. I have found light has an organic character and volume. And when it transitions, what happens to the edges? Of course, light also means color. But color can overwhelm and obscure. By keeping color to a minimum, I focus on its emotional weight, while eliminating almost all semblance of the objective world. The images, though abstract, evoke a sense of mystery, like a vague memory, or a dream.”


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