Composed Surfaces

Composed Surfaces is an exhibition of paintings by Alexandra Bowes, Vicky Colombet, Tyler Cross, Sally Egbert, Prajakti Jayavant, and Javier Manrique. It takes its title from a simple and bottomless definition of painting as “composed surfaces that actually give physical presence to certain affective states” (Charles Altieri, The Particulars of Rapture).

The way the word composed is composed of both an artistic and affective definition (both “created” and “calm”) does not only represent how this group Round Weather show–like most shows elsewhere–wants to give visitors the material feelings, formal ideas, and vision repositories of artists. Also, Composed Surfaces is here to walk beside us as we look out upon our own surface composure, our world’s composition, our shatterning imbalance while the sky is very much falling.

Between 30% and 70% of the proceeds from each artwork will be donated to the climate-crisis-mitigation work of nonprofits Honor the Earth, Oil Change International, and Sunrise Movement.