Gilding on Photo & Media One Day Workshop

Learn how to apply metal leaf gilding to a photograph in this in-person art workshop.
with Solange Roberdeau
Do you love the look of gold gilding? What about adding gold or platinum leaf to your photography or mixed media project?

Learn how to apply a contemporary variation of the ancient gilding technique using copper, gold, or other metal leaf. Use your own photographs, paper, or other media art to experiment with various metal leaf gilding possibilities in this weekend workshop.

Gilding supplies will be provided, and visual artist Solange Roberdeau will share a take-home list of materials used in this unique gilding workshop. You’ll learn how to apply metal leaf sheets, leaf flakes, and loose pigment to flat media such as photographs, as well as on textured mixed media surfaces. Additionally, you’ll learn tips for incorporating other materials such as thread, fabric, and organic material, and even how to experiment with copper oxide color to get a green patina on copper gilding!

At the end of the workshop, you’ll take home samples that show each step of the techniques from class.

May 27, 2023

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