Christine Nguyen

AMcE Creative Arts, a new fine art gallery and cultural and community space Capitol Hill, is presenting Colorado-based artist Christine Nguyen in their main gallery space. Her show, Cosmic Gardens, will include a new series of colorful photo-based works along with two large-scale prints. The works in Cosmic Gardens fluctuate between the micro and macro-worlds, connecting oceanic and terrestrial flora and fauna to celestial heavens. Marrying a fascination and reverence of science and nature, her subject is an imaginary and mystical realm where all is interconnected and harmonious.

Christine’s works are created by drawing and painting on layered mylar to produce a composite image that functions as a photographic negative. This process requires Christine to paint, draw and choose color in reverse. Once printed, the effect makes the work feel as if they were painted with streaks of light or drawn with electricity. Pieces are then submerged in a saline solution and salt crystals become embedded in the print, adding a crystalline, otherworldly quality. Christine’s original mylar drawings will be available for viewing at the gallery.

During Christine’s show, AMcE’s Niche Market will showcase geometric paper sculptures by Los Angeles-based artist Sophia Allison in the main space and a new installation of local and national artists.

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