Cheek and Hole

“In an era of BBL’s, Butt munching, and Hole Wellness: Ass has become a main focus of American cultural lexicon. Signaling a shift away from the ideologies set in precedent from the Boob Generation…” – excerpt from text messages between Colby Bishop and Chloe King on Cheek and HoleSpecialist presents Cheek and Hole, a group exhibition curated by Colby Bishop and Chloe King. 

Cheek and Hole is about all things butts. Eleven local artists examine the ways in which American culture has an infatuation with ass. By bringing together painting, performance, and photography, the artists’ work bounces between intersections of political commentary, pop culture, and humor, exploring butts as both aesthetic markers and sites of desire. Cheek and Hole, an essay of the same name co-written by Bishop and King for the exhibition, anchors these ideas, drawing together notions of race, the gaze, queerness, drag, representation, image saturation, performance, porn, and meme culture. 

Featured Artists: Kelly Björk – @kelly_bjorkJasmine Fetterman – @jasminejazzyfetterman
Hoops and Holes – @hoopsandholesIsis
Ishino – @hueyxshop
Philippe Hyojung Kim – @philippepirrip
Chloe King – @kingtingg
Matthew Parker – @art_onthelawn
Forrest Perrine – @forrrrrest
Pupusa – @pupusaqueen
Adamska Elizaveta Rakhilkina -@adamska_utopias
Hann Tower – @messymessmaker

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