CAT TOWER – a group exhibition and design competition

Invented in 1968 by designer Frank Crow, the cat tower represents one of the most neglected objects in the design kingdom.

Mr. Crow outlined three basic tenets that define a successful cat tower:

1 – provide a clawing surface of maximum appeal to a cat
2 – provide a climbing surface of high appeal and good exercising facility
3 – provide a facility for playing, feeding and sleeping

While variations of Mr. Crow’s invention have occupied millions of homes around the world, these large, carpet covered jungle gyms have flown under the radar of critical design consideration for over 50 years.

Featuring new works by Cris Bruch, Causal Surveying, Andrea Chen, Design Nerds, Maija Fiebig, Fruitsuper, Graypants, Olson Kundig, Clyde Petersen, SHED, W. Scott Trimble and Nicola Vruwink, CAT TOWER is both a group sculpture exhibition and design competition. Each visitor will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite cat tower, and MoM will donate $5,000.00 to the animal or human shelter of the winning artist/team’s choosing.

Cat guests are invited into the Malone Gallery each Sunday and Wednesday to test and play on the displayed cat towers, as they are the ultimate judges. MoM does require each pet guardian to sign a release form.

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