Brian Sanchez and Neon Saltwater: Energy Drink

Energy Drink is an immersive installation that heightens the emotional potential of interior spaces. The surreal feeling of familiarity in a place you’ve never been. The discomfort of sitting in a dystopian present. The pleasure of light that warps the world at its edges. Whatever your level, Energy Drink is here for the highs and lows.

A collaboration between digital artist Neon Saltwater and abstract painter Brian Sanchez, Energy Drink creates a found and fabricated environment that transforms the mundane into a contemplative experience through color, interior design, lighting, and the elusive euphoria of vacant and transitory spaces. Neon Saltwater’s uncanny interiors become a life-size fantasy set, a minimalist stage for Brian Sanchez’s paintings and sculptures. The rich paintings use an emotive palette that responds to the lighting design and activates the pervasive loneliness buzzing between the roomscapes. Energy Drink makes abstraction tangible.