BAPs, a solo exhibition of Jack Featherly

SATOR projects is honored to present 8 select paintings from Jack Featherly’s most recent works in an exhibition entitled BAPs. Featherly makes paintings that are stylistically diverse and avoid presenting an easy read. Featherly’s imagery begins in traditions of gestural abstraction, product packaging, TV graphics and ukiyo-e, but ends somewhere completely new. His meticulous craft and lack of obvious conceptual basis make for magnetic works.

SATOR projects is a migrating exhibition series directed by Jess Nickel. The name is inspired by the sator/rotas square. While the meaning of this symbol has been interpreted in various ways, this project was inspired by the Latin meaning behind SATOR – sower, planter, and its reverse ROTAS – rotating, turning wheels. It is the mission of SATOR projects to seed arts into communities through exhibitions, public programs and events.