At the Table

At the Table is a group exhibition that explores our intimate and communal relationships with food and investigates the many ways these connections were severed or challenged during the 2020-21 lockdown triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through artworks, documentary photography, recorded narratives, and ephemera, this exhibition creates space for reflection on the role food plays in our lives as individuals and in our communities and traces the effects of the pandemic on the ways we interact with and consume food.

Artworks and documentation on view will use food as both subject and material to speak to and create community, examine personal histories and narratives through ingredients and culinary traditions, and respond to social injustices related to food production and distribution.

The artists, projects, and collaborations included in the exhibition are Jackie AmezquitaChampions Feed Champions presented by the Inglewood Community Fridgedomingo presented by The Crenshaw Dairy Mart and The Mistake RoomYrneh GabonYeu “Q” NguyenFrancisco Palomares, and alvaro parra.

Organized by Heber Rodriguez, Exhibition Manager / Assistant Curator, Armory Center for the Arts.

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