Artist Talk: Diedrick Brackens, D’Angelo Lovell Williams, Ashley Stull Meyers

In collaboration with the lumber room, PNCA’s MFA in Applied Craft + Design and MFA in Visual Studies programs are thrilled to host a conversation with artists Diedrick Brackens and D’Angelo Lovell Williams, facilitated by curator Ashley Stull Meyers. This conversation will center on the work and practice of the artists and curator and their current exhibition opening at the lumber room in Portland, OR.

About the exhibition: The lumber room presents The Quick, an exhibition of new works from artists Diedrick Brackens and D’Angelo Lovell Williams. Guided by the processes of “weaving” and “sketching” as metaphors for building love and companionship, the works in the exhibition apply the iconographies of domestic Black life to a conversation about kinship through labor and creative pursuit. The Quick abstracts moments of deeply personal narrative to foster a multidisciplinary collection of weavings, photographs and sculptural objects. Together, these works function as poetic outlines of the artists’ intimate interior lives and studio practices.

The work of Brackens and Lovell Williams (in distanced conversation with a variety of Black makers of disparate origins, including farmers, writers, and caregivers), centers notions of collaboration and community at the heart of Black makership.

The Quick, named for the tender or vulnerable inner portion of a plant, is a glimpse into the sentiment that “the home” is a dynamic space of inspiration for Black artists. Each of the artists’ works call back to the landscapes, households, or other familiar environments in which they have spent formative time.

Curated by Ashley Stull Meyers