Adam Stamp, Cody Critcheloe, Maria Maea, Mischa Pavlovski Andresen, Nihura Montiel & Ser Serpas: From One Fetish to Another

Carlye Packer is pleased to present From One Fetish to Another, a group exhibition of new works by Adam Stamp, Cody Critcheloe, Maria Maea, Mischa Pavlovski Andresen, Nihura Montiel & Ser Serpas. While each artist creates works with different subject matter and materials, the works together come to act a signifiers that point the viewer in all sorts of directions, however uncomfortable or vexing those directions may be.

The works seek to provoke discussion, altogether offering a sort of conference arena for various contemporary topics of conversation — concepts such as twinship and duality, gender identity, aging and fame, distorted senses of realities, the meaning of trash and waste, ancestral protection, relationships to nature, relationships to the economics of time, evolution, constant change, comfort, familiarity, repulsion, uncanny feelings of emptiness, etc. are at the foreground for this exhibition.  Whether presenting portraits of seemingly cute quotidian objects or sculptures made from literal garbage, all the works in the exhibition complicate our contemporary perceptions of value and meaning in the face of a reality that seems to constantly, despite how exhausting it is, implore our interrogation.



Adam Stamp (b. 1985, Pittsburgh, PA) is an Aries Sun, Pisces Moon, Capricorn Rising. His work is currently on display at the Aspen Museum of Art, Aspen, CO. Stamp has exhibited at O-Town House, Los Angeles, CA; Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles, CA; Kristina Kite Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Lomex, New York, NY;  Indipendenza, Rome, IT. Stamp’s work has been featured in publications such as L’Officiel, MOUSSE, Modern Luxury, Flash Art, Artforum, Curate LA, and Modern Luxury.

Cody Critcheloe (b. 1982, Lewisport, Kentucky) is an artist whose rich body of work sprawls over several disciplines, namely painting, music and video direction. Often operating under the stage name Ssion (pronounced Shun), Critcheloe’s work within each field stems from a similar origin point, usually somewhere between queercore, celebrity culture, and digital surrealism. Painting has long been part of his practice, often utilized as a pliable space for brainstorming or as a design element to achieve an overall aesthetic for his videos and performances. In recent years Critcheloe’s painting practice has taken more precedent as his primary medium, which offers the most freedom to explore some of his long-standing concerns, especially twinship and duality, gender identity, aging and fame, and distorted realities. Critcheloe has had solo exhibitions at The Hole, New York, NY; Peres Projects, Los Angeles, CA; Peres Projects, Berlin, DE; The Gallery at, Los Angeles, CA; MoMA PS1, New York, NY. His work has been included in group exhibitions at The Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; and the Van Abbemusuem, Eindhoven, NL.

Maria Maea (b. 1986, Los Angeles, CA) is a multidisciplinary artist working in production, installation and performance. Through film, sculpture and movement she deepens her connection to source. Her work has been included in exhibitions at Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles, CA; MOCA Tuscon, Tucson, AZ; LaPau Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Redcat, Los Angeles, CA; Club Pro, Los Angeles, CA; and Coaxial Arts Foundation, Los Angeles, CA. Upcoming projects include a three-person exhibition at the Palm Springs Museum, Palm Springs, CA; and a solo exhibition at Murmurs, Los Angeles, CA. Her work will also be included in the California Biennial 2022 at the Orange County Museum of Art, Orange County, CA.

Mischa Pavlovski Andresen (b. 1990 Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen. Pavlovski Andresen’s works deal with the nature of nature; the cycle of creation, existence, death and rebirth, the mundane and the magical, the states of being we find ourselves navigating, with or without our consent. In Pavloski Andresen’s paintings you sense the music of change. Plants, flowers and fungi grow wild. You feel the dramatic shift of the seasons, the heavy pull of the moon, and the radiant energy of the sun. In a moment in time, where many are preoccupied with achieving a kind of existential balance, Pavlovski Andresen offers space for just being. Recent exhibitions include Evolution Sage, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2021; Listening To Bonfires, INDEBT, Amsterdam, Holland, 2021; Twisted Dream, John Wolf, Los Angeles, US, 2021; Sunset for Hunter and Gatherer, OUTPOST, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2020.

The work by Nihura Montiel (b. 1988, Tijuana, MX) stems from an obsession with details and a concern for the economics of time and materiality. Her practice is characterized by the cross-cut of precision and speed. The subjects of Montiel’s paintings function as signifiers pointing the viewer in all sorts of directions. While they contain their own latent matter and contingencies, each composition is resolutely opened out toward the viewer rather than being self contained or veiled by secrecy. The closer you get to these compositions and the longer you behold their contents, a sense of the uncanny or else pure disgust emerges. Cute surrenders to menace, comfort to repulsion. Montiel’s most recent solo exhibition was held at In Lieu, Los Angeles, CA.

Ser Serpas (b. 1995, Los Angeles, CA) is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Paris, FR. Whether working with discarded detritus found on the street or hoarded fabric gifted to her by friends, Serpas manipulates these materials to produce art in a manner that complicates perceptions of value, imbuing what would otherwise be garbage with meaning. Referring to her sculptural work as assisted readymades, Serpas sources objects from the area immediately surrounding an exhibition site, gathers them, and produces a work (or works) at the exhibition site. Serpas’ work has been exhibited at  the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA; Centre d’Art Contemporain Genéve, Geneva, CH; The Pinault Collection; Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY; Barbara Weiss Galerie, Berlin, DE; Gavin Brown Enterprises, New York, NY; Clearing Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Karma International, Zurich, CH; and LUMA Westbau, Zurich, CH. Her practice has been covered by Artforum, Frieze, E-Flux, Document Journal, MOUSSE, Interview Magazine, ArtNews, among many others. Serpas was recently the cover story for Flash Art Magazine (Winter 2021).

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