a fairy show II

Where ever you are, I will not be.
A child- to cherish and prey.
A Man- to curse and bless.
Proof of my Life in the form
of your pleas, lamentations, dreams, and gifts.
I will not forgive,
I will not listen,
I will not visit,
I will not return.

Grift & Glamour

The Lost-race theory describes fairies as historical colonized subjects. What killed the Spirit and the Native but the betrayal of good will and weaponised metals?
If Lost-race theory is entirely untrue, it is certainly a compelling device to relate to Life.
In the days of Biddy Early and Yeats, homes were transformed to accommodate the fair folk- as was the case for many who believed in their respective fae neighbors around the world. A tiny fairy home to “welcome” them might be condescending to any fairy still here in light of precedents.

To be feared, honored, respected, and treasured.
To beg for forgiveness.
To lay our dreams and wishes on them.
To hope for their return.

Perhaps for their return,
We must first learn to live with ourselves.