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Variable Voice Pitch Guidelines

Variable Voice is our online journal that features exhibition reviews, interviews, Love Letters, and essays.

We’ve received a flood of outstanding writing from all over the US and international contributors, and put together the below Pitch Guidelines to help all writers. Want to write for us but not sure what to pitch? Sign up for our monthly Art Writing Assignments email!


WHO: Amelia Rina, Variable West Founder & Editor,

WHAT: A concise summary of what you want to write about including any pertinent information (exhibition dates, location, related programming, etc.)

WHEN: Anytime! We accept pitches on an ongoing basis


  • Include links to artist(s) work, website, exhibition information, etc.
  • Include links to your website and/or clips of relevant published writing
  • Check out our past publications to get an idea of the tone and style we’re looking for
  • Visit our Call for Pitches pages for information about rates and requirements
  • Consider your identity and how it relates to your subject. Be sure you can accurately and considerately analyze and tell the stories of your subjects. If you don’t have shared experiences, consider pitching an interview to allow your subject to speak for themselves.


  • Send a full/complete draft with your pitch
  • Include multiple ideas/topics in one pitch

TIMELINE: We do our best to respond to all pitches within two weeks. If you haven’t heard back from us by then, feel free to follow up.